TMU Department of Architectural Science Collaborative Exercise
Date Exhibited
January — February 2019

Collaboration with Joel Hentges

The annual Collaborative Exercise brings together both undergraduate and graduate students at the Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson) Department of Architectural Science to respond to a particular design challenge. In 2019, students explored the idea of reimagining the program and their school building. The annual four-day collaborative exercise kicked off on January 7th with presentations, pin-ups and critiques with guest architects, and culminated in an exhibition of final work at Paul H. Cocker Gallery.

The working theme was building social responsibility; to imagine architectural science as a cohesive interplay between design that integrates ecology, culture, and the socio-politics of the institution in which the student body inhabits. Students strove to apply questions of global significance at the local scale by shaping the role of the institution and its relationship to society. I collaborated with Joel Hentges on the event branding. The creative process involved combining a satellite image of the school with elements of the open atrium space and bissecting staircases. These abstracted shaped were interwoven to convey the notion of interconnectivity.

Event branding consisted of window signage, posters, and bags.